In today’s world, where consumers have become more health conscious than ever before and where the vegetarian and vegan way of life is rapidly gaining popularity, Rottcher Investments, a nuts, seeds and dried fruit processing and packing facility, is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of these products to the retail industry. 
Nestled on a farm just outside the village of White River in the lush countryside of Mpumalanga, our factory has grown from its humble beginnings in the 1980s to one of the top-class suppliers of nuts and dried fruit products in South African. 
We pride ourselves on responsibly sourcing only the best nuts, seeds and dried fruits, both locally and internationally. We are a private label manufacturer that is respected in the nuts and dried fruit industry.
We have dynamic and committed staff members who receive regular training to deliver excellent service, and our management is constantly striving to improve quality and to stay abreast of national and international trends in the dried fruit and nut food market. 
All of these products are now directly available to the public online
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